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New Zealand 's social origins blend pacific culture with colonialism from Europe to the ' New World 'Only 150 years ago, New Zealanders were forging a new society from a rugged uncompromising land. A result is New Zealander's 'do it yourself' attitude.

Pragmatic innovation is a common theme and fresh thinking and new ideas have become a hallmark of this uniquely pacific nation.'New world thinking' gives students in New Zealand institutions the freedom to think for them selves and to realize their potential as members of the 'New World Class'

The New Zealanders are highly educated and sophisticated urban dwellers. They form a unique, vibrant and multicultural society that embraces 21st Century technology and culture with ease.

The people love their landscape and outdoor activities. Thus, many New Zealanders enjoy hiking, mountaineering and Kayaking while many more explore their landscape with a trip to the beach or a bush walk

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  • Location :Southern Pacific Ocean
  • Area : 268,680 square kilometers
  • Population : 4,035,461
  • Main States : Auckland , Wellington , Christchurch , Dunedin , Hamilton