Study In Australia

Australia is rich in the arts. There are eight professional orchestras and a national opera company. Within Australia there are more than 1000 museums preserving and displaying Australia 's diverse cultural heritage.

Australian films are winning international acclaim and many Australian film directors, actors and technicians have been acclaimed in Hollywood at the highest level.

Australian authors have received international recognition particularly with the Booker Prize, won twice by Australians and with Patrick White winning the Nobel Prize for literature. Novelists, dramatists and poets are internationally accepted by their peers as having made a substantial contribution to world literature.

Australia has a world wide reputation for sports and outdoor activities. This is endorsed by the Olympic Committee's selection of Sydney to host the Olympic Games in the year 2000

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  • Existence : 400 yrs
  • Area : 7,692,030 square kilometres
  • Population : 20,272,417
  • Main States/ Territory and Cities : New South Wales - Sydney, Victoria - Melbourne, Queensland - Brisbane & Gold Coast, Western Australia - Perth, Hobart - Tasmania, Darwin - Northern Territory, Canberra - Australian Capital Territory